Friday, 29 March 2013

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I think my son has to be one of the biggest fans of SpongeBob SquarePants and when it came to his birthday I thought I'd fuel his obsession even more with a Spongebob Squarepants cake

Picture of spongbob squarepants cake

It was actually dead easy to make (trust me I always look for the easy option not to complicate life). 

I made the cake using a square cake tin and once baked trimmed off one side to make the cake a rectangular shape. Then the cake was sliced in half and filled with butter cream and jam and sandwiched together.

Then came the fun part - decorating the cake. Melt some apricot jam (try and get the smooth jam without bits in) in a bowl over heated water. Once the jam is runny brush it all over the cake to make the icing stick.

I tend to get my icing pre-coloured from the shops. I'm a bit of an eBay fan and  you can pretty much get any colour you're after on eBay, but loads of supermarkets have now started selling ready made coloured icing too (probably sparked by all the celebrity baking TV shows - Great British Bake Off springs to mind here). Buying ready coloured icing saves on having to colour it yourself and I've generally found if you colour it yourself the colours aren't nearly as vibrant as ones you can buy ready made. 

The colours I bought for this Spongebob Cake were yellow, red, black, brown (which has a chocolate flavour yum)  and white. As I didn't need much for the green spots, pink tongue and blue eyes and the colours didn't need to be as strong I just made these up by mixing some colouring with the white icing. 

After the yellow was rolled out, I cut a straight line across the bottom if the icing and placed it over the top half of the cake - covering about 3/4 of the cake. The chocolate brown was then rolled out - one side cut with a straight line again and then placed over the other bottom quarter of the cake butting up to the yellow. A band of white was cut to cover the join. (as you can see I'm still very much an amateur here). The main tool I needed were my circle cutters which came in 3 sizes. All you need is to cut out the relevant colours and stick them onto the yellow base (teeny brush of water helps to stick them on). 

Then all the other shapes were cut out black stitching  a rolled yellow nose, black mouth, pink tongue  black eyelashes, yellow arms and little white triangles for the shirt collar.

Yes, before anyone mentions it I didn't include legs, but you know what I don't think my three year old even noticed - detail again which I felt not needed (easy life moto).

Really enjoyed making this cake and the all important little man loved it too. 

I've got loads more cakes (not all mine) to add to my blog roll and will hopefully manage to list some more in-between all the blogging updates of new stock to my shop

If you've got any cake pics you'd like me to share please send them over. I'd be more than happy to add them on :-)

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