Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tums To Tots Blog Starts Here

New years resolution for 2013 is to start a blog for my shop I am totally new to the blogging scene so please bear with me while I get to grips with it.

So why blog? Really I want to get the word out about my on-line shop for mums and children... I run my shop around my family so am fairly small scale, often processing orders around school runs, during bath time or while cooking dinner for my forever hungry brood.

Who am I?  I'm a stay at home mum with two adorable (rather hyper) boys which keeps me on my toes. I’d like to say it’s a family business as I couldn't manage the shop without the support of my husband (who has to put up with the relentless tap tapping on the computer through his favourite films) and from time to time my boys help out packaging items up and are often dragged to the post office with me. They are now regulars with my lovely post office ladies.

As such we aren't a massive corporate business, and I hope the service my customers have is a friendly personal one. I always am preaching to my boys “treat others how you would like to be treated yourself” and that’s how I manage the shop – I always want to treat customers on a personal approachable level. Customer service is of the utmost importance to me, so if you've got any feedback, good or (hopefully not) bad please do let us know.

The products I sell are all high quality items from reputable brands, only items I would use myself. Lots of the products have been tried and tested my own children and that of my friends and family.

If you have any feedback or better still photos or videos of my products in action get in touch! I LOVE it when people let me know how their kids are whizzing about on their new wheely bug, or the how their little one’s nursery has been brightened up with the bright wooden alphabet letters we sell or kids having fun in the great outdoors in our funky waterproof clothing.

We are always on the lookout for new innovative products and we will let you know about new products added to the shop. Our blog will keep you in the loop on our best sellers, any awards won, promotional discounts or any competitions we may run.

You can also find us on Facebook(TumsToTotsEShop) and on Twitter too(@tumstotots) please like/ follow us.

And there ends my very first blog (new year resolution number one – ticked – now to embark on taking down the Christmas decorations)...please have a squiz at my shop ... And let me know what you think ;-)

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