Friday, 18 January 2013

Children's Tidy Bookshelves

Don't know what it is about January, but I've turned into this tidy freak - going round the house, putting things in their places. Not sure what it is - an unconscious New Year resolution of starting the year organised and on top of things (well that's the idea anyway!!) It's almost like the nesting instinct just before having a baby, but believe me I'm not preggers!!! 

With all this tidying I thought I'd mention a product I've just stocked (brand new today) in my on-line shop .... Slimline bookcases by Tidy Books which display books beautifully for children. I love the idea of these book cases as all the books face outwards showing off all the beautiful book covers - encouraging children to pick them up. They are also slimline so perfect when you are short of space.

These bookcases come in a lots of colours; natural, white, blue or pink and can be plain or with tactile alphabet letters stuck on the front. They are truly a quality product from Tidy Books.

I will be stocking more fab products from Tidy Books in the weeks to come so watch this space!!!

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