Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New in the BabaSling® Baby Carrier - New in the Cosy Edition

Check out our new range of stylish baby slings to transport your little ones around in. We simply love these baby carriers, not only are they truly practical, not having to lug a buggy in and out of your car, but they cocoon the baby in a safe and nurturing way, keeping them close to the warmth of mum or dad. 

With 5 different carrying positions it also enables mums to breastfeed their babies in a discreet way when out and about.  

They come in a range of styles and colours, the light weight version, classic (with a limited edition print), organic cotton range, and new in today the cosy range... with a snug TOG 2.0 rating these are just perfect for the colder chillier days of winter.

The Babasling® comes in a huge range of colours... just visit our shop to view the full range of designs.

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